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Discover unique training and coaching sessions designed to enhance your understanding and application of natural frequencies, valley dynamics, and Taoist principles.

Paul Blankendaal

Paul Blankendaal, a renowned trainer and coach, specializes in Schumann Resonance, valley studies, and Taoism. With over a decade of experience, Paul has dedicated his career to exploring the intersection of natural sciences and spiritual wisdom, helping individuals and organizations harness these ancient techniques for modern success.

Our Training & Coaching Services

Online Schumann Resonance Workshops

Engage with our expert-led online workshops that delve into the science and spirituality of Schumann Resonance. Perfect for remote learning and accessible worldwide.

Valley Retreats

Join our exclusive retreats in serene valleys where practical Taoist teachings and valley energy techniques are explored in tranquil natural settings.

Personal Taoism Coaching

Receive personalized coaching sessions focused on Taoist principles to improve your personal and professional life, tailored to your individual goals and needs.


Lezing Schumann Resonantie

Zondag 26 mei, 2024

€ 10 incl. koffie/thee en versnapering

Ontmoet de Nieuwe Wereld van Energieën

Zondag 30 juni, 2024

Eigen bijdrage

Taoism in Daily Life

November 20, 2023

€65 per person

Advanced Schumann Techniques

December 10, 2023

€80 per person

Explore Our Courses

Basics of Schumann Resonance

Learn the foundational principles of Schumann Resonance and how to apply them.


Valley Energy Fundamentals

Discover the secrets of valley energy and its benefits to personal well-being.


Taoism for Beginners

An introductory course to the principles of Taoism and its practices.


Client Testimonials

‘The Schumann Resonance seminar not only enlightened me but also provided practical techniques that I use every day.’ – Julia R.

Julia R.

‘After attending the Valley Energy Workshop, I’ve felt more balanced and in tune with my surroundings.’ – Mark T.

Mark T.

‘The Taoism course offered by paulblankendaal.nl was transformative, helping me to integrate calmness into my hectic life.’ – Sarah L.

Sarah L.

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